Why Mess Up Your Kitchen!

April School Holidays
Monday 12th April 2021 - Friday 23rd April 2021 booking now

Please note:  Mon, Wed, Friday 1.30 classes are reserved for special needs Adult classes all through these holidays  


Entertain your child this School Holidays and give yourself a Break

Homefresh kids fun cooking classes will entertain (and feed) your children every school holidays giving you a well-earned break. For just $27 your child can enjoy one and a half hours of fun, learning to shop and cook with our talented Homefresh chefs. Monday to Friday 3 classes daily - please note exceptions above.

Your child will dress in their Homefresh chefs uniforms, shop for ingredients, then prepare and cook healthy food from scratch and devour the result, all while you have a coffee or shop the local area in peace.

Classes Times

  • 9:30-11:00am  Breakfast
  • 11.30-1:00pm  Lunch
  • 1.30-3:00pm    Dessert

Affordable for all families

School Holiday Fun classes is all about making cooking and eating healthy food a fun experience kids will want to do for themselves (and you) at home.

Our popular program has been carefully designed to get the kids to experience shopping for ingredients, making good food choices, learning that they can cook it themselves and giving them a sense of achievement and enjoyment of creating and eating good food with the other kids.

You will be amazed with the types of foods kids will try when they have cooked it themselves. If this fails we have the food hero's encouragement award which has a 99 percent strike rate for getting even the fussiest eaters across the line. What child doesn't want to be a hero?

If your child loves the school holiday fun classes you might like to give them the opportunity of continuing with our more structured (but still fun) Junior Chef cooking lessons and or our 4 Hats Program, click here to read more www.homefreshcooking.com.au/junior-chef-lessons/