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Rewarding in so many ways

Rewarding in so many ways

Own your own Homefresh Experience Cooking School and help us change your life and the eating habits of our great nation.

With 10 years live testing under my belt there is not much I don’t know about the power of this brand and how it works in the minds of consumers.

Today it is not uncommon for customers to walk into my store and ask how they can donate to our cause; this still amazes me.

Homefresh is a first to market retail cooking school and fresh ready meal store solving one of the biggest daily dilemma ‘What’s are we going to have for a healthy dinner tonight?’.

We are in the fortunate position to have a brand that appeals to the widest demographic possible.

  • 26 million people needing to eat
  • 20 million people cooking
  • 300 thousand babies born each year (new customers)
  • 3 million school aged children
  • 450 thousand NDIS participants

There is no shortage of customers Homefresh can help.   

We are well placed to service Australian consumers; we have created a niche that did not exist in the market and it has confirmed to us that experience-based retail is the future of retail.

We are extremely proud of what we have created especially our focus on making Homefresh affordable for all families. Our next challenge is making Homefresh accessible to all Australians and this is where we need your help.


If you would like to be considered for a store please register today: www.homefreshcooking.com.au/contact-us/

Our business opportunity in a nutshell:

  • 5-year licence to operate a Homefresh store and the use of all intellectual property (with a first right to renew)
  • A fully fitted out retail store in a major retail hot spot
  • All appliances and equipment needed, ready to cook
  • Customers booked in before you open
  • Free training before you start 

Who will this offer suite?

  1. A business leader/owner – to run/oversee their own store with their own team 
  2. Owner operators – skilled cooks, business owners or mums and dads that can cook (like I was) great people skills required and full training provided   

What does a license store cost?

  • $200,000 - 350,000 depending on location   

You will receive a fully fitted out retail store in a key retail hot spot fully equipped to start cooking with all lease and terms negotiated on your behalf and paid customers booked in before you even open.

You can opt to have your car decaled for $1500 or Homefresh can link you up with one of our car supply partners  to sell you an appropriate branded car.

If you or someone you know loves kids, loves to cook and sell, is a great people’s person with a huge empathetic heart, I would love to hear for you today, call stephen on 0466158453 or email stephen@homefreshexperience.com.au to register your interest

 Coming to a shopping centre near you soon!


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