bring your venue or event to life!

Mobile Cooking Events

Mobile Cooking Events/Experiences - in your venue or your home

Homefresh specialises in helping bring your event or occasion to life, in your venue or your home

  • Shopping centre events
  • Clubs and fundraisers
  • In home special occasions

If you have an event coming up Homefresh can bring it to life and make it an occasion to remember!

Shopping Centre Operators

  • School holiday shopping and cooking experience - $27 per child for 90 minutes of fun 
  • Other cooking experience and cost tailored to your event
  • Cost can be funded from your marketing budget or jointly funded by you and the customer 
  • No kitchen required as we will bring our fully equiped mobile kitchen
  • All cooking ingredients are purchased from your centre's participating retailers 
  • Our cooking experiences attract many new customers from both inside and outside your normal catchment area
  • Kids or adult experiences including school holiday fun, mothers day or special events
  • Parents and carers will shop your centre stores and cafes while kids are cooking
  • Imagine the buzz and theatre of live shopping and cooking events happening in the your mall

Sporting clubs, fitness clubs, family fun days

  • Imagine hosting fun cooking experiences to benefit your members 
  • Build your membership numbers by offering healthy cooking and eating experiences
  • Your families will have great fun cooking together
  • Cooking experience and cost tailored to suit

In-Home Dinner Parties/Birthday Parties /Fun Cooking and Dining Experiences

  • Cooking with your friends and family is so much fun when you have a chef on hand to help inspire you
  • Chef quality meals created by you and your friends or just sit back and let our Homefresh chef do it all for you
  • Don't do the same old birthday, dinner party or restaurant meal out - try something different
  • Our Homefresh Chef will even pack down your kitchen for you
  • Cooking experience and cost tailored to suit 

Homefresh kids cooking class video


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