bring your venue or event to life!

Mobile Cooking Events

Mobile Cooking Events

Bring your venue or event to life with live interactive cooking experiences!

Shopping centre owners, landlords, sporting clubs, fundraisers, in fact if you have a venue or an event coming up, Homefresh can bring it to life, and bring lots of customers direct to you!

Shopping centre owners/landlords/market operators

  • Imagine the buzz and theatre in your malls with live shopping and cooking events running amongst shoppers
  • No need to fund this from your marketing budget (no book fee)
  • All cooking ingredients money spent in your shopkeepers stores 
  • Cooking themed promotions running with your shop keepers to drive their sales
  • Lots of mums and dads having coffee and filling your tenants stores
  • We know for sure, our mums, dads, pops and nans will not leave your shopping centre without making a purchase or two in your shop keepers stores 

Sporting clubs, fitness clubs, family fun days

  • Imagine hosting fun cooking experiences to benefit your members 
  • Build your membership numbers by offering healthy cooking and eating experiences
  • Your families will have great fun cooking together

Homefresh kids cooking class video


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