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Homefresh is set to change the eating habits of our nation  

Homefresh started as a local Adelaide pop-up store selling homewares and running Adelaide cooking classes. It quickly became obvious that customers were enjoying the cooking classes more, the social interaction between participants, the kids confidence improvement and the bonds that started to form between mums, dads, grandparents and kids alike continues to be an overwelmingly positive benefit. 

Kids love to cook

As the popularity rapidly spread Stephen Curtis, the owner and founder began to realise the influence Homefresh was having on the kids and this just keeps on being reinforced as he and his chefs shop and cook with tens of thousands of budding chefs. The suprise came when concerned mums, dads and grand parents witnessed the taste bud transformation, kids instantly started to eat foods they refused to eat at home.

Kids may love to cook but do they love to eat healthy food?

As a parent we all know kids can be difficult when it comes to eating a well balanced nutritional diet. Through a combination of talented chefs, kids cooking their own food, great tasting food, peer group support and the Homefresh food heros encouragement award we enjoy a 99% success rate for getting participants eating what they cook.

Kids love to have fun cooking and now mums, dads and families can too

Homefresh kids cooking programs are fun educational experiences where the children actually shop with our chefs, learning from 4 years of age how to shop for fresh healthy ingredients and how to prepare and cook healthy great tasting food from scratch.

Our programs hone in on giving kids the confidence to choose healthy options and how to decipher between the many good and bad food choices available today. As parents we quite offten put our kids first, well now all homefresh you dont have to any more, infact you can just cook along side them or snnek off and have some adult cooking fun your selves.....Oh La La

Families benefit greatly from confident kids in the kitchen

Homefresh now provides answers for families who love food but lack the confidence in the kitchen to teach the next generation, or just simply struggle to get the kids involved in cooking or eating healthy foods.

Perhaps you like what you see on television cooking shows but need the right information and tools to allow you and your kids to turn out similar dishes at home, this is all about to change.

Kids all over Australia love to cook, but don't let them have all the fun!!

Homefresh is excited to be offering our much sought after interactive cooking experiences to all Austrailans kids, and now adults for free as well, yes thats right you just swing past your local store, cook your own meal or snack and just pay for the food, the chefs tips and tricks of the trade you pick up are absolutly free. 

Stay tuned to the Homefresh web site and FaceBook page for new store opening anouncments in every state of this great country.

Homefresh's Junior Chef programs hope to change the eating habits of three generations of Australians, our junior chefs, the people they cook for, you, and their kids when they are older. 

Would you like a Homefresh Junior chef in your kitchen?

Are you ready to have Australia’s next Homefresh Junior Chef at your house cooking for or with you? Book now!

Homefresh kids cooking class video

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