About us

Look who’s popping up all over Australia!

Homefresh Cooking started as a local Adelaide pop-up store selling homewares and running Adelaide cooking classes. It quickly became obvious that customers were enjoying the experience based retail and it was not long before Homefresh needed a bigger kitchen store.

It was then that Stephen Curtis, owner and founder began to realise the influence HOMEFRESH could have on kids and adults alike as he shopped and cooked with thousands of budding chefs.

Our kids programs are fun educational experiences where the children actually shop with our chefs, learning from 4 years of age how to shop for fresh healthy ingredients and then how to cook healthy food from scratch. Our programs hone in on giving the kids the confidence to choose healthy options and how to decipher between the good and bad food choices that are available today. 

The adult programs provide an opportunity in all suburbs to rub shoulders with highly qualified chefs and take away signature dishes that will last a lifetime.

Homefresh now provides answers for people of all ages who love food but lack confidence in the kitchen or those domestic masterchefs wanting to chew the fat with other foodies and have fun.

Perhaps you like what you see on television cooking shows but need the right information and tools to turn out similar dishes at home.

Homefresh Cooking is excited to be now offering its much sought after live and interactive cooking experiences to all Austrailans with the roll out of its national franchise.

Homefresh cooking hopes to change the eating habits of Australians by promoting fresh local produce and healthy eating.

Are you ready to be Australia’s next suburban Homefresh Chef?

Book an unforgettable cooking experience today and rub shoulders with the best chefs in town!


Dont take our word for it - watch the videos,the proof is in the pudding!