yes, our chef comes to your school!

Homefresh Experience Cooking Program for Schools

Homefresh Experience Cooking Program for Schools

Principal's and coordinators please don't let your kids leave school without these critical life skills, together with your support we can achive amazing outcomes!! 

Imagine how the students at your school could benefit from:

  • Learning about healthy food choices and cooking with South Australia’s abundant fresh produce
  • Learning professional cooking skills from our world-class Chefs
  • Learning about the importance of healthy eating on their overall health and wellbeing 
  • Strengthening their self-confidence through fun and educational teamwork 

Imagine the impact on your student’s health and readiness to learn, and the impact this could have on your enrolments! – Homefresh Experience can make it happen in your school!

Homefresh Experience wants to get everyday people in Adelaide back in love with cooking while using fresh local South Australian produce.

We believe the best place to start is with South Australian children - your school students.

Since 2013 Homefresh Experience has been encouraging school-aged children to develop a passion for healthy cooking, a taste for world cuisines and an understanding of fresh food in a team-building context through our School Holiday Program.

This year we’re really getting serious about educating young people in the kitchen by offering our programs through leading schools in Adelaide. Could the students at your school benefit from this unique opportunity?

What your students can learn from the Homefresh Experience In Schools Cooking Program:

  • How to shop (one dedicated shopping excursion), pick, prepare and cook healthy food
  • How to cook signature dishes from around the world
  • Safe kitchen and knife skills – the way the professionals do it
  • Kitchen hygiene and food safety 
  • How to work as a team and build trust
  • Dinner etiquette and table setting
  • How good the food tastes when they’ve cooked it themselves – and yes they get to enjoy it with the chef!

    Imagine the impact on the childrens' families if they start teaching their mums and dads how to cook healthy! And telling then they learnt this at school today!

How does it work?

  • Lessons can be tailored to suit your schools budget and time table
  • Lessons accommodate all year levels
  • Homefresh will conduct our 4 hats program in your school
  • Homefresh recommends schools think about running lessons in one week of each term incorporating each year level
  • Our goal is to have your students leave school with advanced Junior Chef skills 

What does it cost?

The cost is $27 per school student. Classes can be one-off or ongoing, and they can be adapted for children in reception to year twelve. Classes also run for children in the school holidays (for more information about this click here).

Why you can trust Homefresh Experience - over 40,000 children have already cooked with us since we took on this most important challange 

Your students will receive their lesson directly from Homefresh Chefs. Homefresh chefs are highly trained with a wealth of experience, knowledge and amazing food stories ready to impart on our next generation.

Just one lesson and you and your teaching staff will understand how this opportunity can benefit your students and change their life's 

Homefresh Experience Cooking has a plan to affect 3 generations eating habits, with your support we can make this happen!