Master Franchisees and Franchisees

Get in on the ground floor - only 7 state master franchisees will be granted, and 120 territories for our stage one, national rollout 

Your Homefresh Franchise opportunity will be so rewarding!

Like to opporate your own territory and be your own boss?

  • Launched and tested in South Australia, National enquiries welcome
  • High margin retail cooking experiences are very popular and book out fast 
  • First territory to sign will do so based on early settler terms 
  • Four South Australian territories available North, South, East, West, National enquiries welcome 
  • Ideal for proven hospitality / business owners / business minded chefs/cook 
  • You will be a charismatic chef/cook/business person with great people skills
  • You will be a multi-talented chef/cook/business person able to host cooking experiences in a fun, entertaining and educational way
  • Chefs/cooks/business person with established profiles will be highly regarded
  • Chefs/cooks wanting to build a high profile will benefit greatly from the exposure that goes with our much loved experiences  
  • This is a rare opportunity for you to be rewarded well beyond your expectations

Build your profile in front of tens of thousands of paying customers!

Over the last 2 years Homefresh Cooking Experience has cooked with a little under 40,000 kids and thousands of adults. Our highly recognised brand and much loved kids cooking programs, young adult, adult cooking classes and group cooking experiences have all been a big hit. 

Change the eating habits of a nation 

If you love building businesses, working with children and believe that teaching kids to cook nutritious and healthy food from scratch will aid their development, then we'd love to hear from you!

If you’re a highly talented food business owner who work with chefs or you are a chef/cook that can cover adult cooking classes and adult cooking (more on the entertainment side) experiences, then we definitely want to talk to you.

What you can expect from your Homefresh Cooking Experience territory?

Homefresh offers territory holders multiple benefits including:

  • Uncapped earnings potential
  • Customer bookings and leads supplied to help you grow
  • Exclusive selling rights in your territory 
  • High potential for growth in the adult and corporate markets (optional) 
  • A strong brand image with developed and proven marketing systems
  • Website, on-line booking, social media, (blog, and YouTube channel support TBC)
  • New start-up equipment (all you need to start cooking)
  • Minimal booking administration with full access to our national HOMEFRESH contact centre and website portal  
  • Use of our highly recognised brand name/systems removes the uncertainty of this business
  • Receive commission from recommending our preferred partners appliances (soft sell)
  • A highly rewarding and fun role with flexible hours

If you believe this opportunity is for you, please complete the form, we’ll be in touch

Master territory opportunities are also available, only 7 available in Australia, international enquiries also welcome 


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