yes, our chef comes to your school!

In-School Cooking Lessons

Homefresh In-Schools or In Store Cooking Program

Principals, coordinators and OSHC directors please don't let your students leave school without being able to cook!

The Homefresh In-Schools program has been extremely well received and we invite your students to be part of the fun. This educational cooking program is tailored to each year level, conducted by our experienced and child safety certified chefs.

Incursions and excursions $27 per student per class

Homefresh In Schools Cooking Program - we come to your school

  • These can be a one off experience, however we recommend one class per student per term, for each year level
  • Classes can conducted in your kitchen or we can bring our fully equipped mobile kitchen

OHSC incursion program – we come to your facility

  • Classes can conducted in your kitchen or we can bring our fully equipped mobile kitchen
  • Nutritional meal is included

School or OHSC In Store Cooking Program – at our Port Adelaide kitchen Store

  • In-store classes include our educational shopping experience
  • Nutritional meal is included

What your students will learn

  • How to shop for fresh healthy food (excursions only)
  • How to select, prepare and cook healthy food
  • Safe kitchen and knife skills – the way the professionals do it
  • Kitchen hygiene and food safety 
  • To work as a team and build trust
  • Dinner etiquette and table setting

 Your students will experience how good the food tastes when they’ve cooked it themselves – and yes they get to enjoy it with the chef!


To make a booking

Please use the contact page or email or call him on 0466 158 453 to discuss the time that best suits you and discuss your child or young adult needs so we can support you best.

In-School Cooking Course Trial Class Request Form

Enjoy a complimentary trial lesson tailored specifically for school educators! Kindly provide your details below to verify your eligibility and secure your booking for an In-Schools Cooking Class Trial.

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Homefresh kids cooking class video

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