Unique business opportunity awaits the right person - could this be you?

Unique business opportunity awaits the right person - could this be you?

Unique business opportunity now available 

Are you ready to help Homefresh make sure every child in Australia can cook from scratch and in doing so, help Homefresh change the eating habits of our great nation

Homefresh’s Flagship store Golden Grove (SA) is now in full swing for you to see firsthand if this opportunity is for you

Homefresh has, North, South, East and West locations identified, the only thing missing now is the right person, a person who loves cooking, loves kids and loves the thought of being apart of something bigger, could this be you?

What is Homefresh

  • Homefresh is an innovative new retail brand creating interactive retail experiences and bringing customers back to bricks and mortar stores and shopping centres.
  • Homefresh is a kids/Adult retail cooking and shopping experience school, a ready meal store and a mobile chef business conducting cooking experiences in-schools, in other shopping centres, in-homes and in fact anywhere a customer wants a unique and tailored cooking event hosted

What do you receive?

  • Brand new store fully fitted out and cooking experiences lined up for your opening
  • Branded car to market your location, the Homefresh brand and ready for your mobile events
  • Full training in a live store (Golden Grove)
  • Operating manuals
  • Start-up recipes and a base retail meal offer covering, senior, kids and adult ready cooked meal
  • Sales commission from chef club on-line sales in your area (Appliances, kitchens, home-wares and much more to come)

Unique business model – Homefresh is not a Franchise  

  • Homefresh will partner with you to help build your business
  • Homefresh will fund 20% of your store for you
  • Homefresh will retain 20% ownership and receive 20% of net annual profits
  • Your will fund 80% of the build and retain 80% of the annual net profit
  • 5% of your net profit is to be spent on driving your local area marketing

What will it cost you to secure this unique business opportunity

  • Cost will vary and will depend on the support Homefresh receives from landlords nationally, it is estimated to be between $110,000 - $150,000 to open a fully branded and fully operational business for the first 10 stores (future stores will cost more)

First to market commercial children’s and adults retail cooking brand

Homefresh is a first to market privately owned commercial scale children's and adults cooking school business. In our trials in South Australia, the demand for children’s cooking classes outstripped our capacity in three different socio-economic demographics. Cooking with kids is an emerging market we now know has huge potential; We know this from the direct feedback we continue to receive from the many thousands of families we have already attracted. Australia has just over three million school aged children and this will ensure Homefresh’s growth prospects are ongoing.

National expansion

Homefresh is highly recognised in South Australia in this undersupplied market segment and is set to become the national leader in providing fun educational cooking experiences for kids and adults alike.

As a HOMEFRESH co store owner you can enjoy many benefits including:

  • Owning a unique business with minimal competition
  • Owning a dedicated cooking school store in a key retail hot spot
  • Owning an exclusive territory including all schools and mobile events within it
  • Being in a business that is not easy to replicate on-line or in-store
  • Representing a much loved, recognised and respected brand
  • Having a very supportive and experienced brand leader to help drive your business start-up
  • Peace of mind knowing that Homefresh is supported by industry leading service providers
  • Comprehensive training, we hold your hand until you’re ready to go live
  • Receiving pre-booked and paid clients
  • Administrative support, including online ticket sale collection
  • Free marketing from the buzz created by the branded junior chefs’ shopping activity
  • Favourable terms from landlords as we attract customers to their centres  
  • Being a part of something bigger, changing the eating habits of a nation


Stephen Curtis, our Homefresh brand leader is personally responsible for all your training. You will receive a comprehensive training manual, class running sheets, full briefings and you or your team will assist in delivering classes as Stephen leads classes for you initially. He has run the cooking school and is the best person to equip you with the skills to deliver exceptional fun cooking experiences for the kids and adults alike. Our training program is based on perfecting the cooking school format in our three corporate trial stores, and now in our first permanent flagship store.

You will learn how to work alongside and lead the children effectively, provide fun and educational adult experiences and how to work safely in commercial and public environments and all aspects of our policies, procedures and established business practices.

Training will include:

  • How to set up for classes of all types
  • How to check-in all attendees and maximize customers use of social media
  • How the chef uniform dress procedures work
  • How to introduce classes and market upcoming classes
  • How to work from class run sheets for best results
  • How to work to set time frames
  • How to end classes
  • How to pack down and clean kitchen areas
  • How to soft sell our partners appliances
  • How to add value for your customers

Homefresh business opportunities

We have two entry level business opportunities available.

Hands on co store owner operator

This opportunity is for an owner operator who will be involved in the day to day running of one Homefresh Cooking store including, as one of the cooks/chefs, running the classes. Once they have established themselves successfully in one store they may then be considered for another/more store(s).

Market/State business owner

This opportunity is reserved for a highly skilled and proven business owner with a demonstrated and proven track record in building multiple businesses from the ground up, a person who may want a new opportunity or wish to add a branded business opportunity to his/her business portfolio, and or a person with a proven track record for running a significant established state wide franchised operation.

This opportunity is exclusively reserved for a person wanting to focus entirely on building an entire Homefresh state of Australia and potentially beyond. This person will fund the opening of store one in this market and be repaid once the store is on sold as a profitable going concern. This person will then hold an ownership in each store alongside Homefresh as each new store opens in this market place

Unique business opportunity awaits the right person
You could be the one to help Homefresh make sure every child in Australia can cook from scratch and in doing so, you can play a big part in helping Homefresh change the food shopping and eating habits of our great nation, fun, social and inclusive education is the key.


If you believe one of these opportunities is for you, please call Stephen today 0466158453 or email stephen@homefreshexperience.com.au


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