Chefs Table Saturday Lunch Date
lots of laughs and signature
dishes to savoir for life.

Group cooking experiences

Chef's table cooking experiences - rub sholders with the best chefs in town!

Cooking with one of South Australis leading chefs sound like a lot of fun, and it is, but this unique experience is now also providing lasting benefits for life!

Life is about experiences and this is one where you can learn to cook signature dishes from South Australia’s best chefs while hanging out with other foodies or the people you love. Best of all you’ll be able to draw upon the skills and recipes you’ll learn for years to come.

Homefresh Experience Cooking Chefs Table are fun, educational and end with you enjoying the fruits of your labour (with a glass of wine or two, if you’re that way inclined!).

What you and your mates (or family) will learn

  • how to shop for the freshest local food stuffs and then cook amazing food from around the world  
  • how to select the best fresh local produce to cook with
  • how to prepare and cook amazing food, with time to enjoy it together afterwards
  • trade secrets that will help you save time and cook more efficiently at home
  • ideas for improvising when ingredients are missing or for when you want to create a variation on a dish
  • professional kitchen and knife skills from the best chefs in town

Excited? Here’s what you need to know to make it happen!

Location: HOMEFRESH kitchen shop 99 Golden Grove Village Shopping Centre (in Food court next to Barossa Fine Foods)

When: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm every Saturday

What you get to cook:

Australia’s best chefs signature dishes


  • $1425 for upto 15 adults - 2 courses
  • $1650 for upto 15 adults - 3 courses

Group bookings are essential